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Workshops & Events

A full day of holistic yoga with James. In the morning we will begin with preliminary exercises and kriyās (purification techniques) and then lead into a fairly dynamic physical yoga practice including simple vinyasas and held āsanas. Morning practice will conclude with classic prāṇāyāmā (breath control) techniques and conclude with yoganidrā (guided relaxation).

After lunch, James will give a presentation on the experiential philosophy of Patañjali's aṣṭāṅgayoga. If time allows there will be an opportunity for questions and group discussion. The day will finish with some simple vinyasa movements, prāṇāyāma and yoganidrā.

Date: 7th October 2023
Time: 11am - 6pm
Venue: The Angel Hall, Totnes
Price: £55 or £45 concessions (limited availability) - Please book via link below


If you run a yoga studio or yoga school and would like to invite James to teach a workshop then please get in touch below. James has worked as a teacher trainer for the Devon School of Yoga for over 12 years and can deliver workshops on a wide range of yogic subjects.

About James

James is a yoga teacher, blogger and researcher who's practised yoga for over 23 years. He holds an MA in Traditions of Yoga & Meditation from SOAS, where he continues to study Sanskrit as an associate student.

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