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James Russell

Yoga Research & Education

Welcome to my website

I am a yoga teacher based in the UK. I've been practising yoga in one shape or form for more than 24 years and teaching yoga since 2007. I also love to write and blog about yoga. On this website, you will find an archive of over ten years of well-researched blog articles as well as details of my classes.

Sometimes, yoga becomes reduced to postural callisthenics - a kind of spiritualised stretching regime. Whilst this approach works well for some, it often fails to encompass the scope of yoga praxis or its profound philosophy. Although āsana (posture) is important, it is but one auxiliary part of yoga and an adjunct to practices of breath control and meditation. My work focuses on moving beyond narrow postural interpretations of yoga to develop a more nuanced and integrative understanding.


New Online Patañjali Course:

From July 2024, I'll be offering a new six-week Pātañjala Yoga Course - all are welcome, particularly yoga teachers, trainee teachers and those interested in yogic philosophy. Find out more..

From the blog:

How Buddhist is Modern Mindfulness?
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About James

James is a yoga teacher & researcher who's practised yoga for 24 years. He holds an MA in Traditions of Yoga & Meditation from SOAS, University of London, where he specialised in premodern yoga.

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